Polish VET teachers: ready steady go!

Today Polish e-course has just started! Among 100 participants enrolled for the piloting there are teachers from various VET fields: mining, industrial production, economics, gastronomy, hairdressing, construction, logisticks, hospitality etc. so the groups are diversified. Also in terms of space participants are dispersed all around Poland, so indeed e-learning is necessary! We hope to learn how our course can be even better fitted for their needs.

The groups has started posting their first assigments and we already have plans for videoconferencing. For us, as facilitators, it is a real challange – first time to work with so many participants. We needed to modify some tasks and tools to fit better to the large online community.

Teachers already in the e-learning course (LITHUANIA)

We started our e-learning course in LITHUANIA! We are very happy that more than 60 teachers registered to the course, but unfortunately we were able to provide the possibility only for 45 participants from 11 institutions.  We hope our participants will enjoy this extremely interesting experience as the enrolled teachers are from all over Lithuania. Looking forward to our warming up activities, implemented by different institution teachers!

Recruitment process for the e-learning course in Czech Republic is running

Within this phase of project we are inviting all VET teachers to register for the e-learning course “How to design and facilitate an online course. The registration form will be open till 20th of November 2013 on the following link:


Srdečně zveme všechny učitele odborných předmětů na e-learningový kurz “Jak navrhnout a facilitovat e-learningový kurz”. Kurz je zdarma a v češtině! Zájemci se mohou registrovat na výše uvedeném odkaze. Více informací můžete získat na e-mailu snapka@rpic-vip.cz

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A lot of teachers have already registered to the course in LITHUANIA

The recruitment process to the e-learning course has started in Lithuania and we‘re very happy to announce that there is a big interest  - we already have 40 registered teachers although the registration is open till 8th of October. We really hope that teachers will enjoy this e-learning experience, as much as we are looking forward to start the course on 11th October!