Pedagogocal design: quality and evaluation

Peer review is a well established practice. It has a reciprocal effect on the reviewer and the reviewee – they obviously both learn.We take advntage of this powerful method, but we aslo apply other measures to make sure the product is state-of-the-art.

Our course is extensively reviewed – by the partenrs, by critical friends, by the participants. We planned the development cycle, the piloting and evaluation as well as the refinement as important parts of quality assurance. So what stands behind this e-course? Continue reading

PL course completed

eVET2EDU PL participants

34 teachers from all over Poland completed yesterday the pilot cMOOC in “Designing and moderating online courses for VET”. 12 videoconferences, more then 400 blog posts, more then 20 forum discussion with over 800 posts. 40 e-tivities, hundreds of inspirations, tools and ideas to explore. Thank you for your help in designing this open course for your fellow teachers all over EU.

VETeL in Italy – Work in progress!

 45 teachers signed up to participate in the testing of the Italian version of the e-learning course titled “VETeL”, 35 people started the course and 15 teachers are still active.

The teachers participating in the course are acquiring new didactic, pedagogical and technological skills, learning how to design an e-learning course for their students.

The course provides for an individual study, group activities and interaction between participants, teachers are currently dealing with Module 7, so most of the course has already been concluded. The Italian teachers who are keeping on participating are those who showed most interest in acquiring new skills/knowledge, sharing and dialoguing with others. Continue reading