Slovenia: We have finished

Well, not quite ;-)
Slovenian students have successfully finished their work in the piloting of e-course “How to design and facilitate an online course”. In the last almost 4 months we had a lot of fun and we gain a lot of new knowledge. Course participants were teachers and they are all using new knowladge in theire classrooms. Together with their studets they have made a lot of new videos. If you like you can watch them in YouTube. Videos are in Slovene language, but pictures say a lot ;-)

What do we really look like? F2F meeting with PL learners

On Friday, 28.02.2014, we met our teachers after having finished the Polish edition of the course. It is just another evidence that the course is really cMOOC and it was great experience for us.

The idea of such a meeting had emerged during one of our videoconference in module 8. First the suggestion was to organise a closing video meeting to celebrate the success end of the course, but then one teacher asked why not to meet in real? And so it was. Continue reading