E-course revised after piloting & finalised

List of revised courses in MoodleIn order to ensure the best possible project results, we asked our participants and course tutors during the piloting of the VETeL course in all the partner countries to provide us with regular feedback on individual modules, the design of activities and interaction, the time allocated for those activities, the quality of content, the usefulness and quality of moderation. Additionally, the course was evaluated by an external expert evaluator, who assessed the course design and provided the team with additional guidelines for improvements and revision.

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Piloting Report: Recommendations for improving the Course & the Handbook

We are presenting Piloting Report based on the feedbacks received from all actors involved during the piloting phase of the e-course VETel .

The Report analised the responses of the:

  • Course participants which evaluated the course
  • Facilitators of the Course which assessed the Handbook for the facilitator
  • External Evaluators which monitored the Course implementation Continue reading