Workshops in Poland

Workshops for e-elarning leaders and practitioners in Poland  are planned for September with cooperation with KOWEZIU:

15/09 Kraków: Active online learning

15/09 Kraków: Documenting professional development online

16/09 Kraków: Online group work

18/09 Warszawa: Active online learning

18/09 Warszawa: Documenting professional development online

Registration by KOWEZIU open till 7/09/2014

Pedagogocal design: quality and evaluation

Peer review is a well established practice. It has a reciprocal effect on the reviewer and the reviewee – they obviously both learn.We take advntage of this powerful method, but we aslo apply other measures to make sure the product is state-of-the-art.

Our course is extensively reviewed – by the partenrs, by critical friends, by the participants. We planned the development cycle, the piloting and evaluation as well as the refinement as important parts of quality assurance. So what stands behind this e-course? Continue reading

PL course completed

eVET2EDU PL participants

34 teachers from all over Poland completed yesterday the pilot cMOOC in “Designing and moderating online courses for VET”. 12 videoconferences, more then 400 blog posts, more then 20 forum discussion with over 800 posts. 40 e-tivities, hundreds of inspirations, tools and ideas to explore. Thank you for your help in designing this open course for your fellow teachers all over EU.

Webconferencing is on

News from Poland, where over 60 participants survived the first 2 weeks of the course.

We have scheduled six online meetings with the participants of the course. As we all know that technology is not to be trust completely it is fun and learning to try out the features of the Openmeetings tool as well as to discuss the various form of e-learning in VET. All the participants agree: it is new and challanging but absolutely worth trying!

Polish VET teachers: ready steady go!

Today Polish e-course has just started! Among 100 participants enrolled for the piloting there are teachers from various VET fields: mining, industrial production, economics, gastronomy, hairdressing, construction, logisticks, hospitality etc. so the groups are diversified. Also in terms of space participants are dispersed all around Poland, so indeed e-learning is necessary! We hope to learn how our course can be even better fitted for their needs.

The groups has started posting their first assigments and we already have plans for videoconferencing. For us, as facilitators, it is a real challange – first time to work with so many participants. We needed to modify some tasks and tools to fit better to the large online community.

3rd Project’s meeting: evaluation and testing

The third project’s meeting in Palermo is approaching. The agenda is very tight as testing and evaluation are the main issues to be discussed during the two days visit at CESIE. Our aim is to design an effective yet light evaluation strategy so that we can learn as much as possible from the piloting -  from VET teachers participating in the e-courses in all partners’ countries!

Recruitment for the course in Poland is launched

Currently teachers from almost 1000 vocational schools are  invited to participate in the e-learning course that will start on 19th November and finish next year, on the 7th February.

The recruitment is carried on and will be opened till 11th November 2013.

Photo by: CC BY SA 2.0 Saad Faruqe

Towards the piloting: supporting multilingualism

Our multilingual e-learning environment is now up and running with multimedia, activities and assignments in 9 languages! The most time consuming tasks – translating and synchronising the subtitles and grapics is also done. Relatively easy task turned out to be rather tedious but the videos and graphics are definetly worth it. They are a crucial part of Module 5 dedicated to video-making, but you may find them also in Module 6 (re-use of content).

The registration form will be also multilingual so that teachers and trainers can easily create their accounts and sign up for the particular course.The recruitment is under organisation now in each country as the partners will run the piloting in different periods, from November ’13 till March ’14. Details will soon follow so stay tuned!

Course adaptation on its peak

 Silence it is here but we are all very busy finalising the redesign of the course for teachers and trainers. What is new there, then?

There is a brand new module that forms a framework for the whole course – Developing Competences. We decided that this is crucial for VET, so there is going to be some cool videos and mind-blowing activities that will help teachers and trainers to re-think competencies and skills.

Another novelty is greater focus on resources, as they seem to be the lacking element for VET sector. So there will be two modules on that: one dedicated to creating and publishing multimedia, the second on re-using and re-mixing the resources already availiable.

There are some new activities designed, some videos being shot and some infographics added to stay tuned – the open piloting of the open course will be launched in October 2013.