3rd exploitation workshop in Lithuania

Vytautas Magnus University team implemented Exploitation workshop for the members of Lithuanian Association of Distance and E. Learning (LieDM association).  LieDM association unites Lithuanian science, study, and education institutions which implement distance teaching and learning (association unites 40 educational institutions at the moment).

Open educational ideas approach to the workshop was chosen, (e)Vet2edu course was presented together with OER ideas, implementation and benefits for educational organization. Participants of the workshop showed the intention to integrate the course/ some parts of the course into educational offer of their institutions.

Workshops in Lithuania

On the 21st of February, 2014 Vytautas Magnus University team held the first exploitation workshop, which was integrated to the conference “Studies in Modern Society 2014″. Open Educational Resources approach was used and this could be mentioned as a positive aspect, because this topic is relevant for educators and attracted a lot of participants of the conference to come to the project workshop section. The course itself is OER, so OER idea together with the course was promoted. It also leaded to the discussion how teachers can use OER in their educational practice. Feedback from participants showed that teachers need more information on what are OER, OER benefits, CC licenses, under what terms they can use products with CC licenses. Continue reading

Teachers already in the e-learning course (LITHUANIA)

We started our e-learning course in LITHUANIA! We are very happy that more than 60 teachers registered to the course, but unfortunately we were able to provide the possibility only for 45 participants from 11 institutions.  We hope our participants will enjoy this extremely interesting experience as the enrolled teachers are from all over Lithuania. Looking forward to our warming up activities, implemented by different institution teachers!

A lot of teachers have already registered to the course in LITHUANIA

The recruitment process to the e-learning course has started in Lithuania and we‘re very happy to announce that there is a big interest  - we already have 40 registered teachers although the registration is open till 8th of October. We really hope that teachers will enjoy this e-learning experience, as much as we are looking forward to start the course on 11th October!

E-learning course was presented to LieDM association

Vytautas Magnus University (e)Vet2edu team presented the e-learning course to Lithuanian Association of Distance and E. Learning (LieDM association) , which unites 40 Lithuanian science, study, and education institutions which implement distance teaching and learning. VET members of LieDM association unitedly agreed that they were waiting for such course for a log time. We feel that we already started our recruitment process, even the registration form is still not opened yet.

Vytautas Magnus University team is proceeding with interviews

InterviewVytautas Magnus University (e)Vet2edu team is proceeding with interviews with practitioners of e-learning. It is very interesting to work on this activity and we feel that a lot of good ideas are coming to our report. The interviewers are very positive on e-learning and our project.  They are really waiting for the new e-learning course and there is no doubt for the need of such course in VET sector.