Third workshop in Slovenia

Yesterday (24th of September) we met with very interesting group of leaders of study groups for teachers from the field of mechanical engineering. They will be the ambassadors for spreading the word about the project and its results among mechanical engineering schools in Slovenia. We wanted to give them very good and broad information about the project and special about e-course and facilitators handbook.
The response was very positive and we manage to organize another meeting in the middle of October where we will be presenting the e-course to the potential e-course participants.

Workshops in Poland

Workshops for e-elarning leaders and practitioners in Poland  are planned for September with cooperation with KOWEZIU:

15/09 Kraków: Active online learning

15/09 Kraków: Documenting professional development online

16/09 Kraków: Online group work

18/09 Warszawa: Active online learning

18/09 Warszawa: Documenting professional development online

Registration by KOWEZIU open till 7/09/2014

eVET2edu presented at EDEN 2014 conference in Zagreb

The project was presented at the EDEN 2014 conference in Zagreb during the Synergy strand on June 11th, where synergies with similar projects were explored, and in the MOOCs and OERs section on June 13th, in which Agnieszka Chrzaszcz presented an article entitled “cMOOC in e-Learning Design for VET Teachers: Mapping Professional Competences Online”. The proceeding will be availiable in July.

PL course completed

eVET2EDU PL participants

34 teachers from all over Poland completed yesterday the pilot cMOOC in “Designing and moderating online courses for VET”. 12 videoconferences, more then 400 blog posts, more then 20 forum discussion with over 800 posts. 40 e-tivities, hundreds of inspirations, tools and ideas to explore. Thank you for your help in designing this open course for your fellow teachers all over EU.

E-learning course was presented to LieDM association

Vytautas Magnus University (e)Vet2edu team presented the e-learning course to Lithuanian Association of Distance and E. Learning (LieDM association) , which unites 40 Lithuanian science, study, and education institutions which implement distance teaching and learning. VET members of LieDM association unitedly agreed that they were waiting for such course for a log time. We feel that we already started our recruitment process, even the registration form is still not opened yet.

Clustering projects at EDEN Conference

The projects are not created from vacuum, there is always need and joined idea that makes it possible to develop something together. So eVET2EDU has its predecessor – eVET READY, where with some of the current partners (CPI, CARNET, AGH-UST) we developed a self-evaluation tool for VET institutions to measure their readiness towards e-learning. The synergy between those two initiatives was shown during EDEN Annual Conference held this year in Oslo.

We had a poster on eVET Ready Self-evaluation Tool but it was natural that also our course for VET teachers and trainers was mentioned. The fact that the course is going to be open and availiable for institutions and individuals in 8 languages was in line with the general movement towards open education. And still the lack of OER for VET is a challange indicated by many practitioners attending this event.