CARNET, Croatia

CARNet logo CARNet (Croatian Academic and Research Network) is a government agency operating as an independent part of the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. Its mandate is to provide information and communication infrastructure to the Croatian educational and research community (from primary to HE), both through network and hardware, and through educational activities. CARNet has extensive experience in the use of ICT in education gathered through a range (70+) of services to its end users, including various educational services, teacher training programs (E-learning Academy), LMS hosting, national portal for distance education with repository for digital materials, portal for schools, e-library, e-textbooks, videoconferencing, support for remote schools on islands and underdeveloped areas etc.

On the project, CARNet will lead WP3, in which it will work together with the other partners on developing and adapting the existing course the European VET context. It will also contribute to other WPs, especially WP1, by defining user requirements as prerequisites for course adaptation, and WP5, by integrating the chosen adapted content and activities in CARNet E-learning Academy programs.

In eVET2Edu CARNet is represented by several staff members with extensive experience in national e-learning initiatives: Branka Vuk (project coordinator and instructional designer), Dragana Kupres (instructional designer), Jasminka Maravić and Gordana Benat (interviews and case studies), Martina Hribar (instructional designer), Luka Mlinarić (multimedia expert) and Tina Marković (project administrator).

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