University of Murcia, Spain

The University of Murcia is the main university in Murcia, Spain. With 38,000 students, it is the largest university in the Region of Murcia. There are 20 faculties with more than 57 degrees and 77 post degrees.
The University of Murcia is an institution devoted to providing higher education to the public. Among its main objectives are the creation, development and research into science, technology and culture through study and research and the transmission of such knowledge through education.
GITE, The Educational Technology research group ( directly enrolled on this project,  is the group of research , based at the faculty of Education, that works around educational technology at the University of Murcia. It is a work and research group of educationalists specialized in educational technologies and their implementation on different learning processes.
From this point of view, our research interest includes, but is not restricted to, the following topics:

  • Media and learning.
  • Technology Enhanced Learning.
  • Personal Learning Environments.
  • Formal, Non formal and Informal Learning usign ICT tools.
  • Web 2.0 for learning.
  • ICT influence of social development.
  • Design and assessment of media and learning resources.
  • Educational Media Design and educational methodologies for e-learning and blended-learning.
  • Educational Assessment and evaluation of educational programs.
  • E-learning Assessment: Learning Management Systems (SAKAI, Web CT, Moodle, Claroline…), learning tools, and teaching models on-line.

The Educational Technology Research Group has the possibility to work in an European project “E-VET”, with people from different countries and profiles.
The main responsibility from Murcia team is during the first part of the project. Murcia team are working in a report on  the needs and requirements of VET educators towards e-learning, based on interviews with practitioners and best-practice descriptions.

Paz Prendes ( - Dr. Prendes is research professor in Educational Technology, e-Learning Coordinator of the University of Murcia, and Director of The Group of Research in Educational Technology (GITE). She has participated on diverse research national and international projects, related with application of pedagogical principles to the development of the education processes through Internet, asssessment, and implementation of  ICT in traditional educational institutions. Nowadays, she is working on different International PhD programs with universities and coordinating different projects about models and strategies for learning; ICT and Multiculturalism; Implementation of Learning contents in Schools and university teacher’s training on TEL

Linda Castañeda ( Linda is Educationalist and PhD in Educational Technology.  Dr. Castañeda is senior lecturer in Educational Technology at The Faculty of Education of the University of Murcia. Research Member of GITE. She has participated in diverse research national and international projects regarding the application of pedagogical principles to the development of educational processes through the use of the Internet, and the educational and organizational implications on the use of technology in teachers training and institutional development, as well as the use of new didactic methodologies and media for education in different levels. She has participated in a wide variety of international events as speaker and has several papers published.

M Mar Sánchez ( – Mar Sánchez is PhD in Education. Is lecturer at the University of Murcia. In 2007 she worked with a fellowship in the Centre of Educational Information and Communication in Madrid. In 2008 she obtained the Certificate of advanced studies in Educational Technologies. In 2009 she worked in the University of Cambridge and in John Moore University in Liverpool. She has participated in several research projects related to new technologies and education on various topics (security of children on the Internet, Open Source and education, Virtual Learning Environments semantic web and education, among others).

Isabel Gutierrez (  is educationalist, PhD in Educational Technology and  lecturer in didactics at the Faculty of Education. She is also research member of GITE. Isabel has ahonours degree in Pedagogy, a Masters Degree in Educational Technology, e-learning and Knowledge Management, and is a PhD Candidate in Pedagogy/Educational Technology. She has participated in different research projects related to Open Source for education, implementation of Learning Objects and Web 2.0 in schools; collaboration and learning interchange across social technologies, among others. She has published papers in different journals. She has also contributed to different national and international conferences.

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