Obrtna technicka skola, Croatia

Trades have a very long tradition in Split. Vocational school of crafts was established in 1907. Over the years school changed names also comprehending more and more areas of vocational education. Once Technical school centre ”Mirko Dumanić” has become, in 1992, ”Obrtna tehnička škola” (Craft and Technical School).
School educates students for 4 areas of labour: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, woodworking and other services. It is also possible to refine and retrain for all professions in the adult education system.
Thru various projects and programs, school is focused on achieving the goals and objectives of education in order to encourage intellectual, personal, social, spiritual and physical development of students.
Craft and Technical School Split has been actively participating in the activities offered by the Agency for Mobility and EU through mobility programs since 2008.
At school, is acting the Centre of new teaching technology education areas: Woodworking. Students and teachers with their work products are involved in many exhibitions and competitions, all in collaboration with the Agency for Vocational Education, Croatian Chambers of Trades & Crafts, the Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.
The school actively cooperates with other educational institutions, medical institutions and civil organizations (Scouts, League for the Fight Against Addiction, Department of Public Health, Association “Hepatos”).
Craft and Technical School is the holder of inter district professional council in the field of wood processing. There is an initiative to introduce innovative teaching methods (e-learning) conducted by three teachers: Gordana Zvjerković, Robert Kekez and Damir Polak.
Because of the fundamental work in the system of vocational education, the school will, operating as part of the project eVET2edu, largely contribute to WP4 Testing and piloting and WP1 Users requirements. Also it will participate in other WPs, namely: WP2 Translation, WP3 Course and manual adaptation WP5 Exploitation, WP6 Project management, WP7 Dissemination and WP8 Project´s quality assurance.

Gordana Zvjerkovic (gordana.zvjerkovic@gmail.com) is responsible for managing the activities of the project in Craft and Technical School. She is a teacher mentor of vocational subjects, head of CNNT (Center of new teaching technologies – CNC technology) and head of Inter-County Professional Council (MZSV). She completed the e-learning academy (ELA, CARNet) objective e-learning course designer, course for development contents in moodle and course for tutoring e – learning.

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