eVET2EDU channel on YouTube

On the Polish eVET2EDU course we have already reached to the Module 5 where learners are facing the challenge of making short educational videos and publishing them on YouTube. They are getting on well and they are experimenting, arranging themselves online and thinking of e-tivities – which is important for us as facilitators.

Polish learners had already created 21 videos gathered in playlist within the official eVET2EDU channel. The plan is to create different playlists for each partners’ country with videos from Module 5. So more will come.

From the previous blog post you  already know the magnificent promotional video from Online EDUCA Berlin 2013 which was created by our Norwegian colleagues from HIST. This is another thing that can be found on evet2edu YouTube channel. If you are interested how we were working during 3rd meeting in Palermo or would like to see how Spanish team conducted the videoconference in Module 3, you will find recording from these events on YouTube as well. YouTube here we come!

Have a nice watching :-)