4th exploitation workshop in Slovenia

We were invited to present our work at teacher training in CNC technology. The teachers present at this workshop were form schools from the field of mechanical engineering. The field of mechanical engineering is very fast changing and we think that this field would be most appropriate to be introduced to e-learning.
The feedback was very positive and their opinion was that this e-course would be special suitable for young teacher who are good with technology but not that good in pedagogy of using it in e-learning.

3rd exploitation workshop in Slovenia

We were honored to be able to present our work to the leaders of study groups for teachers from the field of mechanical engineering. They will be the ambassadors for spreading the word about the project and its results among mechanical engineering schools in Slovenia. We wanted to give them very good and broad information about the project and special about e-course and facilitators handbook.
We have manage to get another meeting that will be on October the 14th with the aim to invite more teachers to participate in this e-course that will be implemented through the program of further education and training for teachers. This program is organized by Ministry for education of Slovenia.

After workshops for VET teachers in Poland

The last week (15.09-19.09) was very busy for the Polish team of evet2edu project as we were doing series of 4 workshops for teachers from VET schools. The workshops were co-organised with KOWEZiu. In total we trained 20 teachers who represent various fields (mechatronics, engineening, economy, architecture, logictic, etc.). We offered 3 learning paths:

  • Active online learning
  • Online group work
  • Recording professional development through evidence of competences and qualification online.

After research on user requirements (WP1) and course piloting (WP4) we were aware of issues that are the most critical elements for VET teachers: collaboration, practice, and competences. The workshops were designed in reference to evet2edu e-course and based on its key elements: the concept of e-tivities, social learning and evidence-based learning. Continue reading

Workshops in Italy

Workshop in ItalyIn September 2014, three eVET2EDU workshops were held in Italy.

Two workshops took place in the Technical Institute for Transport and Logistics “Gioeni Trabia” of Palermo, where were involved about a hundred teachers and professors of the same institute. The Institute would like to include the eVET2EDU e-course into its Moodle Platform and the Director showed the interest to integrate the course as a refresher course for his teachers.

The third one was held at CESIE office with a smaller number of teachers and trainers from different schools and VET Institutions. The workshop focused on the practical and concrete aspects of e-course.

Workshops in Poland

Workshops for e-elarning leaders and practitioners in Poland  are planned for September with cooperation with KOWEZIU:

15/09 Kraków: Active online learning

15/09 Kraków: Documenting professional development online

16/09 Kraków: Online group work

18/09 Warszawa: Active online learning

18/09 Warszawa: Documenting professional development online

Registration by KOWEZIU open till 7/09/2014

E-course & handbook released as OER

The main project results – the online course and the facilitator’s handbook – were finally released as Open Educational Resources. After 3 months of piloting phrase, the course and the handbook were revised and made available online under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license so that the resources can be re-used, copied and modified according to the needs.

Both resources are downloadable from evet2edu repository in 9 languages: English, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian and Norwegian. The original course was also open on Moodle platform where all localised versions are accessible as OER and can be browsed with no registration/login.

For more details, visit evet2edu repository.

E-course revised after piloting & finalised

List of revised courses in MoodleIn order to ensure the best possible project results, we asked our participants and course tutors during the piloting of the VETeL course in all the partner countries to provide us with regular feedback on individual modules, the design of activities and interaction, the time allocated for those activities, the quality of content, the usefulness and quality of moderation. Additionally, the course was evaluated by an external expert evaluator, who assessed the course design and provided the team with additional guidelines for improvements and revision.

Continue reading

Piloting Report: Recommendations for improving the Course & the Handbook

We are presenting Piloting Report based on the feedbacks received from all actors involved during the piloting phase of the e-course VETel .

The Report analised the responses of the:

  • Course participants which evaluated the course
  • Facilitators of the Course which assessed the Handbook for the facilitator
  • External Evaluators which monitored the Course implementation Continue reading

Fourth partners’ meeting in Split, Croatia

On Thursday and Friday (27th and 28th of March 2014) we had our fourth partners’ meeting. It was held in a very beautiful Croatian cost city of Split. The meeting was very fruitful and we have accomplished a lot. An action plan for WP 3 has been prepared, as well as a course and handbook amendments. They are intended for exploitation, sustainability and for dissemination activities that will follow in next months. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but the finished products will be very useful for all VET teachers and we are eager to keep up the good work.