Woskshops in Spain

Spanish team has developed two workshops. One was done in JUTE event in Bilbao in February and the other one was part of Novadors 2014, in Gandía, in July.

JEDI is a well known event about ICT and Education in Spain, where a lot of teachers from educational field go to share experiences and learn from other colleges. This event are organized and funded by two important Spanish institutions: the University of Deusto and Cátedra Telefónica, specially Aulablog, a project lead by innovative teachers in Spain interested in promoting the use of technologies in education and web 2.0 tools. Participants rated the course as very positive, mainly because is focus on VET field, because there are not so many experiences in this level. Continue reading

Workshops in Poland

Workshops for e-elarning leaders and practitioners in Poland  are planned for September with cooperation with KOWEZIU:

15/09 Kraków: Active online learning

15/09 Kraków: Documenting professional development online

16/09 Kraków: Online group work

18/09 Warszawa: Active online learning

18/09 Warszawa: Documenting professional development online

Registration by KOWEZIU open till 7/09/2014

Workshops in Lithuania

On the 21st of February, 2014 Vytautas Magnus University team held the first exploitation workshop, which was integrated to the conference “Studies in Modern Society 2014″. Open Educational Resources approach was used and this could be mentioned as a positive aspect, because this topic is relevant for educators and attracted a lot of participants of the conference to come to the project workshop section. The course itself is OER, so OER idea together with the course was promoted. It also leaded to the discussion how teachers can use OER in their educational practice. Feedback from participants showed that teachers need more information on what are OER, OER benefits, CC licenses, under what terms they can use products with CC licenses. Continue reading

Memories from last project meeting in Split, Croatia

At the end of March 2014 our evet2edu team met in Split for 4th project meeting at Obrotna Technicna Skola. Even that we all keep in touch and meet from time to time on various e-learning events, like EDEN conference, it is hard to say, write and think that it was our last meeting in this project.

We wrote a short summary after the meeting earlier before, but now it is the time for refreshing our memories from efficient cooperation, engaging discussions and social activities. Again thanks to Norwegian colleagues from HIST we can share with you short video from that memorable meeting.

To paraphrase Agnieszka, we would like to say from our heart “big THANK YOU” to teachers from Obrotna Technicna Skola. “We felt at home” :-)


Second workshop in Norway

This workshop was part of a meeting at the VET-school at Hitra to suggest methods for ICT based teaching methods in VET education in Norway and Sweden. Representatives from universities, VET schools and municipal administration participated.