After workshops in Czech Rep.

Workshop - Czech RepublicRPIC-ViP organized three exploitation workshops in Ostrava in September 2014:

  • 11/09/2014 – (e)Vet2edu Exploitation Workshop within the seminar “Open schools – open opportunities”
  • 18/09/2014 – (e)Vet2edu Exploitation Workshop integrated to the course “Internal corporate education – professional trainer”
  • 23/09/2014 – (e)Vet2edu Exploitation Workshop “Open resources and on-line tools in education”.

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3rd exploitation workshop in Croatia

On September 26th CARNet team held the third exploitation workshop. The workshop was held in form of a webinar and was attended by 25 teachers of vocational schools.

During the workshop the course “Introduction to e-learning for teachers of vocational subjects” as well as the eVET2Edu project were presented. In addition to the presentation of the course, the workshop was an opportunity for a discussion with the vocational teachers about organising the course by their institutions.

This was the last exploitation workshops organised for all the interested teachers and representatives of vocational institutions and vocational schools, with the main goal to disseminate the information about the course and the possibilities of its further use after the project is finished.

Webminars with directors of Centres in teaching and resources in Spain

In Spain there is a network of state-funding centres specializing in teaching and resources, which work closely with regional governments. Webminars were focus on presenting the course to the directors of these centres. They are not VET teachers, they are the responsible of the teacher training and the management of the educational resources.  After getting all the contact information about the Centres in Spain, Spanish team started to contact to the responsibles of this Centres to arrange the online meeting (webminar). Finally we proposed different dates to do the webminars. Some of them could participate, others show their interest via email. Continue reading

After workshops for VET teachers in Poland

The last week (15.09-19.09) was very busy for the Polish team of evet2edu project as we were doing series of 4 workshops for teachers from VET schools. The workshops were co-organised with KOWEZiu. In total we trained 20 teachers who represent various fields (mechatronics, engineening, economy, architecture, logictic, etc.). We offered 3 learning paths:

  • Active online learning
  • Online group work
  • Recording professional development through evidence of competences and qualification online.

After research on user requirements (WP1) and course piloting (WP4) we were aware of issues that are the most critical elements for VET teachers: collaboration, practice, and competences. The workshops were designed in reference to evet2edu e-course and based on its key elements: the concept of e-tivities, social learning and evidence-based learning. Continue reading

Third workshop in Slovenia

Yesterday (24th of September) we met with very interesting group of leaders of study groups for teachers from the field of mechanical engineering. They will be the ambassadors for spreading the word about the project and its results among mechanical engineering schools in Slovenia. We wanted to give them very good and broad information about the project and special about e-course and facilitators handbook.
The response was very positive and we manage to organize another meeting in the middle of October where we will be presenting the e-course to the potential e-course participants.

Workshops in Italy

Workshop in ItalyIn September 2014, three eVET2EDU workshops were held in Italy.

Two workshops took place in the Technical Institute for Transport and Logistics “Gioeni Trabia” of Palermo, where were involved about a hundred teachers and professors of the same institute. The Institute would like to include the eVET2EDU e-course into its Moodle Platform and the Director showed the interest to integrate the course as a refresher course for his teachers.

The third one was held at CESIE office with a smaller number of teachers and trainers from different schools and VET Institutions. The workshop focused on the practical and concrete aspects of e-course.

3rd exploitation workshop in Lithuania

Vytautas Magnus University team implemented Exploitation workshop for the members of Lithuanian Association of Distance and E. Learning (LieDM association).  LieDM association unites Lithuanian science, study, and education institutions which implement distance teaching and learning (association unites 40 educational institutions at the moment).

Open educational ideas approach to the workshop was chosen, (e)Vet2edu course was presented together with OER ideas, implementation and benefits for educational organization. Participants of the workshop showed the intention to integrate the course/ some parts of the course into educational offer of their institutions.