A lot of teachers have already registered to the course in LITHUANIA

The recruitment process to the e-learning course has started in Lithuania and we‘re very happy to announce that there is a big interest  - we already have 40 registered teachers although the registration is open till 8th of October. We really hope that teachers will enjoy this e-learning experience, as much as we are looking forward to start the course on 11th October!

Recruitment for the course in Poland is launched

Currently teachers from almost 1000 vocational schools are  invited to participate in the e-learning course that will start on 19th November and finish next year, on the 7th February.

The recruitment is carried on https://evet2edu.eu/moodle/login/signup.php?lang=pl and will be opened till 11th November 2013.

Photo by: CC BY SA 2.0 Saad Faruqe